About the Programme

The Somaliland Public Financial Management (PFM) Education and Training Programme is a collaborative programme between:

  • The Government of Somaliland
  • The University of Hargeisa
  • An international consortium led by WYG International and including CIPFA and Michael Parry Consulting LLP (Subsidary of PFM Training Limited)
  • The Programme is funded by a multi-donor trust fund administered by the World Bank.

The Programme has four elements:

  1. A professional exam teaching programme leading to examination and certification by CIPFA and the programme itself
  2. An e-learning programme “PFM for Managers” with a Foundation and Advanced level
  3. A course on Domestic Revenue Mobilisation (DRM)
  4. Practical in-country workshops for budget staff

The programme is delivered through a combination of e-learning and face-to-face teaching.  For a full description use the download button on the right.

Purpose & Goals

Somaliland PFMImproving the quality of governance within Somaliland will directly benefit all citizens, through better planning and utilisation of limited government resources to better meet government policy goals. The management of money is at the heart of government, and public financial management provides the tools for improvements. Good public financial management enables better fiscal management, the allocation of resources in accordance with government priorities and achieving value for money in spending public money. Strong PFM minimises the scope for losses through leakages and improper use of public funds. Strong public financial management is a necessary, though not sufficient, condition for good governance.

Strong PFM requires high quality human resources trained in PFM. This programme has as its fundamental aim the enhancing of PFM expertise within Government. The Programme provides the basis for the ongoing training and development of PFM experts into the future.